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Pre-release Progress
Task Description Progress
Initial device information collection complete
Initial driver information collection complete
Installation script complete
Python (PyGTK) interface complete
Database design complete
Database population (FOSS drivers) complete
PHP query system complete
Alpha Released (2007-10-01)
Database population (NDISwrapper) in progress
Pre-Beta testing (all drivers) in progress
Beta Released
First Release

WiFix requires the following programs: Python, PyGTK (v2.0), gksudo or kdesu, xmessage, xterm.

Depending on your wireless device, you may also need one or more of the following programs: cabextract, cvs, git, lha, svn, unrar, unshield, unzip.

You can find the official WiFix releases page here.

If you'd rather check our the bleeding-edge version of the code, it can be obtained via anonymous CVS by using the following command:
svn co wifix

You can find the nightly tarball here.